Energy Levels

Energy – it’s something we all crave yet rarely feel we have enough of. That’s not surprising given our fast-paced lives these days and the multi-tasking we all find ourselves doing.

But there is a way we can make sure our ‘energy tanks’ remain full. And that’s with the foods we eat and the way we digest them.
We can make sure we focus on the foods that boost our energy levels and at the same time we can cut out the ‘energy thieves’ – the artificial stimulants such as sugar, chocolate and caffeine which trick us into a false sense of security by creating short energy bursts followed by mid- morning or mid-afternoon slumps, making us feel more drained, irritable and constantly tired.

To sustain energy it’s necessary to ensure our blood sugar levels remains balanced. That means reducing our intake of caffeine, sugar and high-fat snacks and instead, replacing them with wholegrain foods such as oats, wholemeal pasta, fibre-filled fruit and vegetables and nutritional nuts, seeds and pulses.

Of course a lack of energy can be more complicated than just eating the wrong foods*. It could be down to chronic stress, insomnia or an underlying illness such as anaemia, diabetes, depression or even food intolerance. Nutritional Therapy can help to identify potential nutritional imbalances and how these may contribute to specific symptoms and/or health concerns.

In order to get to the bottom of your energy deficiency I’d like you to fill out a lifestyle diary and questionnaire. From this I can ascertain whether or not a blood sugar imbalance is to blame or if there is something more sinister underlying the constant tiredness.

*It is important however to see your GP if you have been feeling tired for a period of time with no obvious explanation, so that any underlying condition can be ruled out. We work closely with GPs and if you are seeking advice from us, we will always ensure that your GP is kept informed of any recommendations we have made (with your permission).

How a Nutritionist Can Help With Your Lifestyle and Energy Levels

By working with a Registered Nutritionist in Berkshire, you can have confidence that all areas of your health will be explored in order to uncover the underlying cause of your fatigue. Once you’ve completed your Health & Lifestyle Questionnaire, we can schedule a consultation and work together to get to the root cause.  There’s also the option of Lab testing which will provide us with a clear indication of which areas of your health to address. We can then work on a Personalized Health Plan to help restore and re-balance your energy levels so that lethargy, fatigue and low mood are no longer holding you back from achieving whatever you want to!

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