• Initial Consultation – Your first consultation will last 1 hour .
  • Assessment – Prior to your appointment, you’ll be asked to fill out a Health Questionnaire detailing your full medical history, diet and current lifestyle. It’s important I see this prior to your consultation to allow me to analyse any contributory factors to your health issues. During your consultation I’ll go through the questionnaire with you in detail. Once we’ve established what may be the underlying cause of your condition, we can then work on formulating a personalized nutrition and lifestyle programme. 
  • Personalized Nutrition & Lifestyle Plan – This will include food and lifestyle recommendations, recipes, and guidance on which foods to include (and exclude!) in your diet.
  • Non-invasive functional testing (laboratory tests) as well as supplementation options may be offered if deemed appropriate.
  • Follow up appointment – We’ll organise a follow up  to see how you’re progressing and to consider any tweaks to your programme. This can be either a brief check-in or a longer session depending on what you need.  If you’ve had any Lab tests, we can discuss these during your session.


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